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142649P.pdf   08/28/2015  Babatunde O. Shoyombo  v.  Loretta E. Lynch
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  14-2649
   Petition for Review of an Order of the Board of Immigration Appeals    
   [PUBLISHED] [Loken, Author, with Bye and Kelly, Circuit Judges] 
   Petition for Review - Immigration. Petitioner's motion to reopen was a 
   motion asking the agency to exercise its 8 C.F.R. Sec. 1003.2(a) sua 
   sponte jurisdiction, and the court is without jurisdiction to review a 
   denial of such a motion. 
143036P.pdf   08/28/2015  Marvin DeBough  v.  Douglas Shulman, Comm. IRS
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  14-3036
   The United States Tax Court    
   [PUBLISHED] [Kelly, Author, with Loken and Bye, Circuit Judges] 
   Federal Tax Court. The Tax Court did not err in finding taxpayer was not 
   entitled to the principal-residence exclusion contained in 26 U.S.C. Sec. 
   121 because he had not resold the property within one year of 
143524U.pdf   08/28/2015  United States  v.  Esteban Chavez-Cruz
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  14-3524
   U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota - Sioux Falls    
   [UNPUBLISHED] [Per Curiam - Before Loken, Bye and Kelly, Circuit Judges] 
   Criminal case - Criminal law and sentencing. Brief comments, unobjected 
   to, which portrayed defendant in a negative light, either because of his 
   ethnicity or because of his failure to care for his family, were not 
   reversible instances of plain error as they failed to seriously affect the 
   fairness, integrity or public reputation of the proceedings; sentence at 
   the bottom of defendant's advisory guidelines range was not an abuse of 
   the sentencing court's discretion and was not substantively unreasonable 
   given the circumstances of the offense, defendant's lack of acceptance of 
   responsibility and the danger to which he subjected his wife and children. 
151570U.pdf   08/28/2015  United States  v.  William Rose, Sr.
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  15-1570
   U.S. District Court for the Western District of Arkansas - Harrison    
   [UNPUBLISHED] [Per Curiam - Before Loken, Bowman and Gruender, Circuit 
   Criminal case - Sentencing. Anders case. Defendant's sentence was not 
   substantively unreasonable.