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143316U.pdf   11/24/2015  Pete Alspach  v.  John Baldwin
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  14-3316
   U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa - Des Moines    
   [UNPUBLISHED] [Per Curiam - Before Smith, Bye and Shepherd, Circuit 
   Prisoner case - Prisoner civil rights. In this action alleging deliberate 
   indifference to medical needs, the district court did not err in granting 
   defendants' motion for summary judgment as the unrebutted evidence showed 
   that neither inmate had an objectively serious medical need for dentures. 
151466P.pdf   11/24/2015  Donald Nash  v.  Terry Russell
   U.S. Court of Appeals Case No:  15-1466
   U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri - St. Louis    
   [PUBLISHED] [Melloy, Author, with Murphy and Smith, Circuit Judges] 
   Prisoner case - Habeas. The Missouri Supreme Court's conclusion that 
   Nash's murder conviction was supported by substantial evidence is neither 
   incorrect nor unreasonable; Nash's claim that his Sixth Amendment right to 
   present a complete defense was violated when the trial court excluded 
   evidence of a third-party's fingerprints under Missouri's "direct 
   connection rule" was proceduraly barred; with respect to Nash's actual 
   innocence as a gateway claim under Schlup v. Delo, 513 U.S. 298 (1995), 
   the evidence Nash sought to assert was not new and even with the evidence, 
   a reasonable jury could find Nash guilty; without weighing the merits, 
   state court would be a more appropriate forum for Nash's new DNA evidence.